How Innovations With Google Photos Will Stop North Kore

Google Photos
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It seems like every week there are updates and changes to Google Photos. This week it’s the updated, improved search app, the ability to change the directories on your laptop or mobile phone and the ability to add your own chosen music to your Google Photos content clip.

The search bar in Google Photos

You tapped on the magnifying glass at the bottom right in the old way of looking, after which the three different parts were displayed: locations, things, and people. Three more options were available below: Videos, Creations, and Google Drive. A search bar at the top of the screen has now replaced this search form. If you tap the bar, you will see the search options. Your keyboard will also appear in the middle, so you can type a keyword. If you just swipe up on your screen, your keyboard will vanish and all further search options will be seen.

You’ll see the last keywords you’ve been looking for, below that you’ll see the different people Google has found in your pictures with an arrow on the far right. If you tap that, you’ll see all the pictures of the different people you’ve found. Below you can see all the search options: videos, selfies, movies, animations. Below you can see the pages. It’s pointing to itself.

In the search bar, you can type a few words in a row. For example, if you only search Petten, you will see all of Petten’s images in your set of photographs. You will see all the pictures of Hans Frederiks in Petten when you select Petten Hans Frederiks.

Own music with your Story

Google Photos allows you to make videos yourself, but Google Photos does so on its own. So Google is adding a piece of music. You can substitute the music with the music you choose in this new version. This is straightforward:

  1. . Select the video you want to change the music of. Arrange the video. The interface with sharing, adjustment, etc. possibilities appears at the bottom. Tap (second from left) on the pencil.
  2. . The pencil changes to a note of music. Click on the note of the music.
  3. . Now you can switch the music automatically added by Google and you can choose between music from Google and your own music.

Rename device folders

You can rename the files with photos on your laptop or phone in this edition of Google-the System folders, as Google calls them. This is straightforward:

  1.  Go to Settings (through the top-left three bars)
  2.  Display folders are selected.
  3. Choose the directory you want to change. In this Screenshots example.
  4. . You then select the Rename Device Directory in the top right of the three dots menu.

Such updates are currently available only for the version of Android. Update your app through the Play Store, unless you download the update on your own. There’s no doubt that the iOS update will follow soon.

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