Why Matching Colors for Your Site or Documen Will Change Your Life

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Colors on a site or in a document that don’t match are just like swearing in the church. It does not always look and lack of color distracts the message’s focus. Thanks to smart mobile apps, nothing is needed at all!

Not everyone is a talented expert in color, which means sites and reports are often circulated that should never have left the back room they were created in. Even if the message is still so serious or reliable, it will stop very quickly if it is not correct in terms of color. It’s going to be clear that the old homepages ‘ color chaos (who still knows Geocities?) really belongs to the past. Or at least that should belong because everybody can generate matching color sets nowadays thanks to apps. You know for sure that if you use colors from such a kit, your web page would look smooth in terms of colors. A number of’ color set generators’ are mentioned in this article.

Palettes Pro

It’s no wonder that Palettes Pro runs on iOS, creative people often use iPads and iPhones a little more. The app will cost € 3.99 and you can quickly compile matching color palettes. Click the plus sign (1) at the top left of the screen and then the Color Scheme after starting the app. Offer your color name (2) and choose the Web Safe option (3) for web use. Choose a color map (5) that appears after you click Color Lists (4). Drag the color to the palette (6) first box on the left. Tap Save if you like the array of colors. Or try another color.

Tap Finish and enter the intended recipient’s email address (e.g. your own email address) and then tap Send. For example, the color palette will now appear in your standard mail system with all the details you want for further use in a web editor or WordPress, for example. At the same time, the palette information is attached to a zip file in different file formats, so you can start using it directly in your favorite (web) layout package. The export feature also has a disadvantage: all color palettes are included in the list. Delete the test copies and older tests first, if you don’t want to. Palettes Pro is not very intuitive (honest to use).


We also want to suggest ColoRotate as a’ hybrid’ pallet generator. On the one hand, it’s a program that runs in the browser-unfortunately through Flash-but, on the other hand, you can buy it as a standalone app (or better: the iPad) for € 4.99. The web app’s disadvantage is that you need to register through your Google account first. For this type of web service, if you like your confidentiality, create a separate Google account and use it for nothing else. As far as we are concerned, the app works best. Tap GENERATE (in the form of a magic wand) after beginning.

Pick a key color at the top of the screen with the scroll bar and press GENERATE. Then press the export button in the top right corner below the COLOROTATE text and pick one of the options available, e.g. email. In hexadecimal or RGB notation, you will then receive the color codes (or e-mail recipient) conveniently in an e-mail. Such keys can be conveniently used in a WordPress or HTML editor. ColoRotate can also produce color palettes from photos, which, for example, are very useful for more’ organic’ shades.

Color Harmonizer

The free Color Harmonizer app is designed for Android and functions as the other color generators according to more or less the same formula. For example, you can save different palettes and retrieve the hexadecimal color codes. It’s a simple app, but making it easy to use is simplicity. The only downside is that 2014 dates back to Color Harmonizer. We also read that Google Play has not yet identified the content of this app, so make sure your computer is running a virus scanner.

It’s going to be safe considering the niche market for which the app was created, but it’s safer to take it for granted. In addition, a huge variety of Android devices and screens are available. Therefore, everywhere, colors do not look the same. Remember this (a little) in the course of your experiments. In any case, it is important to check color palettes on other displays, regardless of whether they are made on an Apple or Android phone. To prevent future disappointments.


At https:/coolors.co/(Flash needed again) you can find the most user-friendly color palette generator. Here it works quite simply: just press the space bar as many times as you need to generate a new palette until you find something beautiful. Palettes can be adjusted, e.g. via the Adjust palette button (directly below the Generate link at the top left of the screen) but whether a hurried user really needs it. Coolors is primarily meant to give your site or blog a refreshing look quickly. With the Export button, in an instant (for example) you can create a PDF file with all relevant information about your color palette. Finally, images can also be uploaded (via the camera button) and color palettes can be created with them. Coolers are also available in app form for both iOS and Android for a modest amount.


In the form of apps or websites, there are more color aids to find, the’ hunt for the ultimate game of color’ you like to try different tools. Particularly because most development tools for sites and blogs can handle the created hexadecimal color codes directly, a color palette is particularly interesting for website use. For smart mobile apps, there’s no need for anything!

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