Remix OS: Android for your old PC or Mac

Remix OS
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Are you fond of Android? Do you like the open system as well? Would you like it to work with a keyboard and mouse on your computer? This is now possible with the free Remix OS for Windows: Android with windows, keyboard, and mouse support, and it runs great on your old PC or Mac. When you get it mounted, at least. It sounds good, running on an old PC or Mac running Android, at least I think so. I wanted to try it immediately when I read about Remix OS for PC. Later on in this blog post about my attempt. First: What is the Remix OS doing?

Android x86 project

Remix OS is based on the project Android x86. This open-source project will allow Android to run with an Intel x86 processor on a device. Jide Technology Co. has already manufactured a device, the Remix Mini, an Android computer with a special version of Android, so you can use it with your mouse and keyboard and a big screen. Now you can do something similar to Remix OS for Windows, but with your own, old Intel PC or Mac. Which PCs and Macs can run on this Android OS is unclear. As far as PCs are concerned, I can imagine: there are so many different brands and configurations, which is difficult to predict. They’re even less explicit about the Macs with Jide: it even runs on a few (some) Macs, they’re writing on their blog. How many Macs do they have? And what?

Remix for PC is free to download from the Jide website, at least until now. Remix OS runs from a USB stick, you need a USB stick of at least 8 gigs, which must be USB 3.0. To unpack the downloaded file, the installation instructions are simple. The Remix OS for PC ROM & USB Tool is in the directory. Begin the request. Make sure that your USB stick is in your USB port and follow the PC ROM & USB Tool Remix instructions. Once you’re done, reboot your Mac, hold down the F12 key and you’ll have the option to start operating with the Remix OS from the USB stick.

On the Mac

It sounds simple, but I don’t have it working yet, unfortunately. The plan was to use it on my old MacBook, but the Remix OS for PC ROM & USB Tool that you can use to prepare the USB stick is a.exe script, so you can’t run on Mac OS X as a Windows program. I found a website that explained how to get Remix OS running on a Mac. In the Terminal you had to enter certain assignments. I’m not afraid of the terminal, no problem. The site’s instructions are clear, and YES, Success! I had a Remix OS USB stick on it. I held down the Alt key when I restarted the MacBook, but no matter what was visible, not the Remix boot/install disk, only the Mac OS X boot disk was visible.

Not working. To make a long day short, I’m still as far as when I downloaded the zip from the Jide site after a lot of trouble in the Terminal, searching on all kinds of sites to make a USB stick bootable on the Mac. It’s not shocking that everything doesn’t go smoothly: the code you can install now is an alpha version of the OS, a very early version with many glitches and rough edges, without a doubt. The version available now is also ideal for Android app developers who want to check if their applications are running for PC under Remix OS.

Of course, if you still have an old PC or Mac, you can try it yourself. In the Google+ Remix OS party, there’s a conversation about what’s going on and what’s not going on and how you can run it on the Mac. Who knows, you could get it to work as well. I’m fascinated …

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