The Google Pixel Phones – The best ever Androids?

Google Pixel
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Google’s two Pixel mobile phones are not available in the Netherlands anymore. Tomorrow in America. Yesterday, in all major media, the two telephones are addressed in one big stream. A reviewer’s conclusion: the best Android phone ever. Another reviewer thinks it’s a good Android phone with a medium screen…

What makes Google’s two phones-the Pixel and the Pixel XL-so special or interesting? First of all, as Apple designs and makes the iPhone itself, it’s phones that Google produces itself. Previously, Google launched the Nexus phone series, but they were made, for example, by Huawei, and the logo was on the handset. The latest pixels are the apps that Google sees, just like Google sees an Android phone. With this, Google has actually entered the hardware business.


And how is Google seeing this? You want a super-fast phone with a very good camera and a digital assistant that can really support you, without the extra software that other manufacturers use to contaminate their Android phones and with an AndroidOS model that you can upgrade quickly. Perhaps the person talking about the pixels in Wired is the most certain: these pixels change my answer to the question I hear most often: what phone should I buy?

Your answer: you should purchase a pixel. She writes a little earlier than she really loves Android, but that it can be frustrating for the tablets. Poorly designed at times, buried under 15 apps from Verizon. The iPhone is the default phone, if you want a phone, not a venture, you have to buy one. But she’s been changed by the Google Pixel. She is curious about the phone, the Google Assistant, which is doing better than Siri or Alexa. She doesn’t care that the iPhone looks like the pixels.

New York Times

The speaker of the New York Times finds the devices misleading. A good Android fan mobile, nothing more. He also doesn’t like the Google Assistant, the digital assistants, whether they’re from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or Google: they’re really small and they’re more time-consuming than they’re generating. Neither does the camera receive an enthusiastic story: mediocre!

The Verge

The Verge’s Walt Mossberg believes Google Pixel are very, very good. The phones have the same class as the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone (the phone that doesn’t explode). He finds a pleasant surprise to the assistant, the results are much better than Siri’s. He thinks the camera is good, the quality of the photos looks a little too saturated and the iPhone’s photos were clearly better in poor light. At least it’s the best Android phone he’s ever tested.

Many comments were telephone positive. There is space for these two pricey Google flagships due to the explosion of Galaxy Note 7. It doesn’t really matter if they’re better or worse than the iPhone. These are high-end mobile phones that are also approved for the price Google is asking for. If they are available in the Netherlands, it will cost € 759 for the simplest Pixel model, and € 1009 for the 128 GB Pixel XL. I don’t know if an iPhone user who switched to a new phone has switched to the pixel. If you like Android, if you have the money for it, they’re really interesting phones.

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