The new iPhone, Lightroom Mobile and DNG

Lightroom Mobile
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Do we need to clarify that taking your Raw images-the raw file format with all the information your camera sensor gathers-offers you a lot of creative choices to get the most out of your pictures? White balance adjustment, apparently bleached skies recovery, shadow improvement, things like that. You can now film in Raw with the new Apple iPhones and edit them’ on his Lightrooms’ with the new version of Lightroom Mobile.

The cameras are very useful in the new iPhone. Of course, you can take better, clearer and more contrast-rich images with a camera with a good bright lens screwed to your SLR or system camera, but the cameras in the current cell phone generation are no less than an’ easy’ point-and-shoot, lightweight Nikon, Canon cameras or you name the camera manufacturers.

The iPhone is the most popular camera on this planet, at least according to Apple. The iPhone 7 Plus Camera goes a step further because next to each other there are two separate cameras: a camera with a wide-angle lens and a camera with a telephoto lens. We’re going to return later to those new cameras. The argument here is that you can actually shoot in RAW with iOS 10 and the new phones. And Raw means here: DNG, Adobe’s twelve years ago Digital Negative format.


With their Raw files, many camera manufacturers are using their own file formats. Nikon is using. NEF, Fuji is using. RAF, etc. Each time a new camera with a new sensor comes on the market, the. NEF or. RAF specification is slightly different so you can’t open the new file with Lightroom or Photoshop, for instance, until Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw developers have found out how the new file functions. Twelve years ago, Lightroom Mobile introduced the DNG file format, a standard way of describing a Raw document. A number of camera manufacturers picked up the hat, but not Nikon or Canon. DNG now tends to be the file format for mobile phone shooting in Raw. Android began supporting DNG a year and a half ago, and Apple is doing this with iOS 10 and the new iPhone. read here more about DNG and Thomas Knoll who created it on the Photoshop blog.

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