Why Het Remix OS Op De Nexus 9s are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

Remix OS
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We’ve already written about the PC Remix OS, which helps you to download an Android version on an outdated PC or Mac that you can use with your mouse and keyboard. There’s now a version of Remix OS for the Pixel C, Google’s luxury laptop, and the Nexus 9, an older tablet in the Nexus series. ComputerCreatief installed the operating system on the Nexus 9.

What’s so good about the Remix operating system? It’s a cross between the Ios and Chrome OS. You will work as usual on a PC in Remix OS: with a mouse, a different keyboard, windows, and a taskbar. You can open multiple windows above each other, use a mouse, a different keyboard, and all Google Play Store games. I wasn’t able to get the Remix OS to run on my old Mac, but now that the Nexus 9 beta of Marshmallow has been released, I wanted to try.

Fumbling with the Nexus

That Remix OS is just another Android version, with specific settings and options. Android’s great thing is that you can change it. Many developers are busy creating ROMs for specific Android devices. For instance, I played the Pure Nexus Project ROM on the Nexus 9 for a while. That’s a simple ROM (faster than Google itself), which also regularly receives security updates.

If you’re going to fiddle with your Android device, you’ve got to dig deep into it first. If you’re doing something wrong, your device may not start at all. It can often be solved, but that practical expertise is required. You can unlock the Bootloader at least with the Nexus 9. To do this, you need ADB / fastboot on your PC or Mac. You will find a tutorial at Remix makers that explains exactly what you need to do in order to install Remix Marshmallow on the Nexus. Here you can find it. This discusses how your bootloader can be disabled and how to get Remix on your Nexus afterward. The correct software must be downloaded via a torrent download.

Android with a mouse

I backed up the Nexus with the latest version of Pure Nexus and all my software and data before I began using Remix OS. I’ve done that with TWRP, the restoration I’ve already set up. I downloaded the Nexus 9 drivers on my Windows PC (somehow the PC had forgotten them already) and carried out the procedure as stated in the Jide tutorial.

The Remix OS was installed after a few minutes and the OS started without any problems. It seemed that everything worked well. I used Bluetooth to connect a mouse and a keyboard: no problem. I started downloading the apps I use a lot at the Google Play Store; in short, the Remix OS did what it needed to do. The software needs to get used to others. You’re used to fill the whole screen with an app. They are windows that can be enlarged and reduced now. At the edge, there’s also a taskbar that you can quickly vanish and return, just as with Windows.


The update deleted the recovery I needed to make backups, restore backups, and install additional ROMs. It was still open on the PC ADB / fastboot and I found the right recovery for the Nexus 9 after looking for a while and put it on it. Whether this ROM stays on the Nexus for a long time is only clear when I’ve been working with it for a couple of weeks. I’m going to report on it later in a blog post.

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