Secure and easy login to your Android apps: YOLO

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I’ve read somewhere recently that we can wait for a major catastrophe when our passwords are massively broken and the whole network crashes. That’s something like that. An inferno password. Only thing: you hacked all your accounts. You can no longer go into anything. Do not use your Google account anymore, not your Windows account, Apple or Adobe. And all because for all those accounts you used the same username. We’ve already written it: use a password manager. Password Manager Dashlane is now working on a project with Google to connect easily and securely to Android devices. It’s called YOLO Free.

YOLO stands for You Only Login Once and was developed by Google and Dashlane as an open-source API project. API stands for Program Interface, Applications Development Library, Open Source-Open Source-stands for code that everyone can work with and use in their app. You can log in safely and quickly in the future thanks to YOLO and a password manager, without having to enter your password every time.

Dashlane on Android

On an Android phone, Dashlane does something similar, but it’s not always easy. Logging into a desktop computer with a password manager like Dashlane is pretty easy in a browser. Once you have logged in to Dashlane, Dashlane understands that you must enter your user name and password. If the website is known, Dashlane will automatically log in, if it is a new website, Dashlane will generate a complex password, save it next time together with your login details.

So far, things have been different on an Android phone. If you need to create a new website login and password, you can’t do that with Dashlane automatically. There’s no such communication between Chrome, apps, and Dashlane on Android. I go to the desktop computer in training, create an account for that page with Dashlane, and return to the Android phone. Cumbersome. To log in to existing sites, communication is somewhat better. In Chrome, it’s sometimes possible to log in with Dashlane and sometimes an app doesn’t understand anything about that process. That’s why we need YOLO.


YOLO must ensure that you can easily and securely log in to an Android phone in the future. There are many more password managers today, of course. Because it’s an open-source project, they can participate in/with and use the YOLO API. YOLO now focuses solely on Android, but in the future, according to Dashlane Community Manager Malaika Nicholas, it will be extended to every platform and operating system.

This remains to be seen what this will look like in the future. It is clear that it should become easier to work with passwords. Logging in with a fingerprint, eyes, iris, two-factor authentication, all helps to save us from a nightmare where no one can access his or her account.

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